Some Important Tips For Cleaning A Coffee Maker

Unlike cleaning other tools, cleaning a coffee maker is not an easy thing to do and there are still many people who often clean various coffee making tools in the wrong way. In order for the quality and cleanliness of the various coffee machines that you have to maintain its condition and not affect the results of steeping coffee, here we have interesting tips that you can practice at home. On the other hand, you should also check out the best store which sells fresh roasted coffee.

Don’t Use Detergents or Chemical Cleaners

Many people assume that if they wash and also clean the coffee maker, especially manual brewing tools, servers, and cups until just like when going to clean dishes, glasses, and various other cutlery. But actually, the use of detergents or chemical cleaners that are often used to wash kitchen utensils should not be used for coffee machines.

Coffee is very sensitive to taste, so if detergent settles on a coffee appliance that has been rinsed while cleaning a coffee maker, it will make the coffee tasteless or even completely disappear while still smelling detergent in your coffee.


The best way you can clean a coffee maker is to use water only. Whereas to remove the remaining coffee that is still difficult to remove, you can use vinegar or baking soda and lemon or lime juice which is much better when compared to detergent.

Don’t Wash If It’s Still Hot

When in a hurry, we often clean the coffee maker immediately after use even though the device still feels warm or even hot. If the coffee maker you have is made of porcelain, glass, and ceramics, then you should leave it until the cold is washable, which is not only useful for maintaining coffee tools but also protecting your hands.

In addition, some coffee tools are also of some quality, so that if exposed to hot and cold water in a nearby time, it can cause the coffee maker to crack and even break.

Don’t Brush Too Rough

When you clean a coffee maker, then you should not use iron wire or plastic that can make the machine fried and leave marks. Instead, use a soft sponge when cleaning between the coffee machines you have.

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