Private Investigators Education and Costs Requirements in Kansas

As we all know, the private investigators provide the public with research, surveillance, investigative services. They often hired by financial institutions, insurance companies, banks, attorneys, and private businesses in the law enforcement field. Some of PIs are working as security specialists by large businesses and corporations, while the others are self-employed. If you want to take private investigation career, have a certain skill and good education background may require. But any states in the US have different requirements for PI. For more information, here are the things you need to know about PIs education and costs in Kansas.

Private Investigators Education and Costs Requirements in Kansas

To become a licensed investigator in Kansas, actually, there is no experience that required. You should have education backgrounds such as have obtained a GED equivalent or have graduated from high school. License holders in Kansas must have a minimum of 8 hours of continuing education for every 2 years because you need to renew the license. You will do a fingerprint background check and a written or oral examination.

For costs and other requirements, in Kansas obtaining a license requires a $250 application. It includes the cost of the $15 application packet and a 2-year initial license. Since licenses must be renewed every two years, it may cost a $175 for the renewal fee. Actually, PIs licenses in Kansas are regulated and issued by the Office of the Attorney General and valid for 2 years. You can check the licenses in the PI directory provided on the website of the Office of the Attorney General. Licenses are also issued and valid for employees of the licenses holder.

That’s some information about PIs education and costs requirements in Kansas. Make sure you have prepared the requirements costs and education backgrounds if you want to get licensed as an investigator.

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