Generating The Work Passion Of Employees Who Have Been Sluggish

As a good leader, of course, you need to know the right ways to raise the morale of your employees who are sluggish to return to work spirit. After a long vacation, lazy work syndrome will usually appear. Of course, this will affect the performance of the employees and the impact on the company’s output. You as the boss of your employees certainly don’t want this to happen. Maybe you also have experienced when you have been on vacation for too long or have been saturated with routine work, you become not enthusiastic about working. The spirit of work is closely related to the business impulse of labour day wishes. Achievement motivation is a strong desire that comes from within to carry out various activities related to the work done. Activation is a drive from within that makes someone tend to do something. In addition to internal and external factors, a person’s motivation can be influenced by various factors, such as biological, social, intellectual and emotional factors, so we can say that motivation is very complex.

The main motivation for every employee, including your employees, is of course salary or income. They work to make money that is used to provide for the family, pay for various life support needs and also finance each financial goal and their dreams in the future. As an understanding and good boss, you need to provide justice in a fee that is in line with their workload and expertise. If employees feel that they are experiencing injustice due to the difference in salary that they should, then they will not be motivated to work. In fact, it is fatal that they will look for other jobs that can pay them commensurate with their expertise and workload. Thus you lose your best employee. Increase the morale of your employees by providing appropriate payments, especially if there are additional bonuses if they achieve by exceeding the agreed targets.

Everyone will want to be heard, including your employees. Learning can be from all sources and also all walks of life. As a boss, you can also get ideas from employees. Who knows they have a brilliant idea in a company’s development strategy that escapes your thinking.

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