Do This So Your Land Is Fertile!

The soil is part of the earth’s crust which is composed of organic materials and minerals. The existence of land is very important for the life of all beings on earth. Land is a place of life for various types of microorganisms that exist on earth. In addition, the land has an important role in plant life, namely as a provider of nutrients, storing water for plants, and as a place to grow and develop roots that support the uprightness of plants. To get good results after being put on organic steel, restrain the soil or boundary for a week or two weeks with hydroseeding. Let the organic steel really be as much as the land. The amount of organic steel that must be mixed into the soil is to follow this limit. You may also add the wood powder to the land you want to cultivate. The wood powder will shrink in the soil and will become humus which is high in nutrients for plants. It is also suitable as a mulch for boundaries as reducing drought in the soil. In addition, it also functions for aeration and good drainage on the soil.

You may add topsoil to your land boundary. This is especially soil with clay type. Clay soil does not absorb water and is less fertile. By increasing the topsoil soil, the clay soil structure can be improved by airing and getting better flow. This is meaningful, the air burrows in the soil are getting bigger and better while the saliva becomes easily absorbed into the soil. Also, you can add sand to your clay soil. It is not normal to improve sludge in the soil and drainage but also to add nutrients to the soil. Plants turn to plant plants on the ground in turn following the planting season. Don’t forget to plant the main plant that can remove the original nitrogen in the soil. This directly improves the soil structure. Between plants that have functioned as above are peanuts, beans, long beans, and alfalfa staples.

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