You Will Do This When You Stressed

Withdraw from the social environment is a sign that a person is not able to minimize the impact of stress experienced. Withdrawal from the nearest person is one form of behavior when depression can be caused by stress. Conditions of stress can cause a person’s negative views of the environment and himself so that the self-worth in itself and eliminate the pleasure in interacting with the environment. This condition will worsen the body’s response to stress, causing the production of stress hormones to tend to be excessive. You can relieve your stres by join ayhuasca on our website.

Before solving the problems related to communication with others, there are several things you can do to deal with stress and depression:

Relaxation – this can be done by regulating breathing and building a positive outlook on the problems experienced so that it can help you in rebuilding confidence to communicate.

Recognize fear – by recognizing what you fear, you will more easily face it and prevent the fear of excess coming back.

Assume you are interacting with people you know – it is useful in making you more relaxed and reminding you that you are not alone. It can also help you communicate more friendly with those around you.

Explosive anger is a response in the form of emotions that cause aggressive behavior such as violence. This is very closely related to the body’s response to stress experienced by a person. The stress hormone will increase the excretion of the adrenal hormones that cause the heart to beat faster. As a result, in this condition, we tend to be more difficult to relax and become more irritable. This needs to be avoided because venturing anger with violence leads to other problems that are potentially a new source of stress for ourselves.

When we are difficult to do relaxation, then blood pressure tends to be higher than usual. This causes someone who is angry due to stress will be more at risk of various diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Avoiding or distracting from sources of stress when you’re angry is the main way to keep you relaxed. In addition, avoid some things that can make you prone to anger during stress such as eating excess food and excessive consumption of sugar and caffeine when you’re tired or have a lot of things that are being considered.