Note This To Add Your Netflix Collection

As one of the most successful streaming media, Netflix is ??not too worried about the development of its business, especially with its latest achievements in mobile applications. Netflix set a record in November by reaching the largest amount of income in the history of the company. According to a TechCrunch report, change country in netflix earned revenues of 86.6 million US dollars in November this year. This amount far exceeds Netflix’s achievements in the same month last year of 49 million US dollars. This achievement also surpassed the previous record achieved in July with 84.7 million US dollars. As for some films that you can enjoy in addition to your weekend, one of them is the film adapted from a memoir written by Christy Beam titled Miracles from Heaven, A Little Girl, Her Trip to Heaven, and Her Wondrous Story of Healing. Where this film tells about the life of a 10-year-old girl who suffers from a rare disease that cannot be cured.

The mother has tried to bring the child to treatment everywhere but the results remain the same. Until finally, a miracle happened after Anna had an accident. In the film, starring Jennifer Garner, you will see the struggle of a mother who is very touching, especially this film based on a true story. Roxanne Roxanne is a biography that tells Roxanne Shante’s struggle to become a hip-hop legend. In his young age of around 14 years, he had to support his family and struggle to live from the hardships of living in Queensbridge Projects in New York City. This film teaches it is not easy to give up on dreams, even though it feels heavy you must keep struggling to make it happen. In this biography, Roxanne is played by Chanté Adams, Mahershala Ali, and Nia Long.

Well, that’s a good movie from Netflix that is based on a true story. The five films above can be the choice of watching your vacation this time, guys. Well, which movie do you think is the smallest?