How You Can Use Multi-Factor Authentication to Secure the Instagram Account

Perhaps, you are seeking information that will help you know more about multi factor authentication click this link. While it is right that you can use it as the security choice for your smartphone, you can also use that way to protect your social media account, including Instagram. So, have you ever tried it before? Instagram accounts are now widely used as one of the many social media for many people. However, not all Instagram accounts owned are safe. Instagram accounts that authenticate two factors are not active, but still provide a gap for nosy people. Of course, to commit a crime.

To prevent this, Instagram provides two-factor authentication that you can activate to keep your social media secure. Here are some ways you can do to activate two-factor authentication.

First, enter the settings on your Instagram account. Second, please find the two-factor authentication option in the privacy and security section. After that enter into it. Third, you just follow the steps that appear on the screen. Then, you will be asked to choose to use two-factor authentication with an SMS or authentication application.

If you use SMS, you will be asked to enter your active telephone number. Then, Instagram will send a 6 digit code that must be entered next. After you enter the 6 digit code, two-factor authentication using your SMS is active.

If you want to use the authentication application you have to download the Google Authenticator application on the Play Store or App Store. After you download, you can associate your Instagram account with Google Authenticator. After two-factor authentication you are active, when you want to enter your Instagram account through another device you will be asked for a code. If you choose two-factor authentication using SMS, you will be sent a code via SMS.