Rules you must know before visiting the cinema

Before watching, you should go to the toilet first. Because the room is air-conditioned, it is understandable that most people are usually not used to cold air and must be dying to pee later. So as not to make you go back and forth to the toilet too when the film has begun. In the meantime, go to RoxysPrices if you wish to know the ticket prices for cinemas online.

Don’t enter the studio wrong.

After the cue, “the theater door has been opened, to the audience who already have tickets, are welcome to enter the theater room.” Look back at your ticket, there is no Studio / Theater written, come to the theater door and submit the ticket to the officer at the theater door.

Suppose that now the film has begun, the author summarizes some rules that are prohibited in theaters or that disturb other audiences

1. Put your foot on the audience in front of us. The sentence can be sent out of the cinema.
2. Speak loudly in the cinema studio.
3. Chewing with sound.
4. Drink until the sound comes out.
5. Dispose of gas in the room.
6. Take a walk in the room but only for straightening your legs.
7. Stand up because you are tired of sitting.
8. Play a cellphone.
9. Record a movie. This is called piracy.
10. Smoking indoors.
11. Become a fortune teller because you have memorized the contents of the film.
12. Spit and throw gum in any place.
13. Judging other viewers.
14. Throwing things especially garbage in the wrong direction.
15. Laugh in the not funny part.
16. Sleep snoring.

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